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Humidified Holding Cabinet

PHTT -12 with flip doors

FWE's CLYMATE IQ Precision Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet 

Technology advanced electronic controls for short term or long term moisture holding. 

Heated holding some menu items, such as chicken, will become steamed or soggy by using a covered pan. When exposed to dry heat, uncovered, these items become dry and rubbery. Achieve best results with controlled moisture. The length of holding time is also extended. 

Standard Features: 

  • Clymate IQ cabinet's intuitive climate control technology reaches the set humidity and temperature in just 30 minutes versus 75 minutes for the competition 
  • Self-closing hinges are designed to pull a door shut after it has been opened and released, avoiding loss of heat ad humidity 
  • Exclusive large volume removable water reservoir makes clean up easy
  • Heating elements lift up for easy cleaning 
  • Optional extras are available 
  • Various sizes available 

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