What a combination!

Gamble Foodservice Solutions and Tecnoeka making a great combination.

With a long tradition of supplying top quality equipment to the hospitality industry the latest brand within the Gamble Foodservice Solutions is no exception, with over 40 years of manufacturing innovative equipment with Italian styling and intuitive controls. Tecnoeka is successfully supplying ovens worldwide into over 100 counties.

The Millennial range of combination ovens come in a choice of 3 user interfaces; Touch Screen, Black Mask and Smart.

Touch Screen with a 7” TFT capacitive colour touch screen panel similar to a smart phone and control knob with scroll and push function, the oven includes Airflowlogic™ Humilogic and Drylogic™. Automatic integrated washing cycle and a multipoint core probe as standard. It is also WiFi compatible offering control when you’re not even in the kitchen.

As you would expect from a combi oven it is fully programmable with up to 10 stages and with the use of the USB port, recipes can easily be uploaded and storage of up to 500 recipes in 42 languages.

Black Mask this has a 7” electronic control panel, this range include Airflowlogic™ and Humilogic™. Programmable up to 10 stages of cooking per menu item, this oven can hold 100 recipes. HACCP information can easily be downloaded from the integral USB port.

Smart with an electromechanical control, this oven gives basic control of the time, temperature and steam.

Airflowlogic™ by Tecnoeka is the innovation that ensures optimal cooking uniformity throughout the oven cavity.

Humilogic™ is the patented system allowing high levels of moisture in the cooking chamber for quality steam cooking with a significant reduction in consumption of water.

Drylogic™ is a new patented quick-drying system in the oven, allowing you to vent moisture quickly giving full control over managing moisture in the cooking chamber.

Available in 5; 6; 7;10;11; or 20 x 1/1 GN sizes, and also in a Compact 500mm wide size in 6; or 10 x 1/1 GN. A range of stands including a hot holding cabinet or proofing oven are available as well as condensation hoods. These units are not only attractive to the eye, they are easy to operate and there is a model for all budgets.

The EKA range also include snack and bakery units. Modern lifestyle has led to an increase in food on the go be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are also perfect for today’s world of cooking to order. These attractive units are ideal for locations looking to add a simple oven into their operation, it could be to offer goods for a grab and go servery like croissants, Danish pastries or sausage rolls to pizza, toasted sandwiches and simple breakfast items like sausages, bacon and the like. These affordable units can be used with the simple controls adjusting time and temperature or alternatively the electronic controls can have up to 99 menu settings for consistent results.

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