Now we're Frying!

A look at the wide range of Imperial fryers.

Often overlooked as the dirty piece of equipment in the corner of the kitchen, the deep fat fryer is integral to most kitchen operations. Used for everything from starters, mains, side orders and even desserts, you want a fryer that is hard wearing, reliable, quick to recover and most importantly of all easy to maintain and clean.


With a long pedigree of manufacturing excellence, Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment founded in 1957 tick all of these boxes, within their extensive range of fryers. Supplied to the UK market by Gamble Foodservice Solutions in a partnership that spans more than 30 years.

The Imperial fryer range includes Open Pot, Tube Fired, Electric, and Electric lift out elements, as well as frying suites that can have built in filtration, automatic basket lifts and computer controls.

The open pot fryers have infra-red ceramic burners which rapidly heat the stainless-steel sides of the fryer subsequently the oil inside, with a snap acting thermostat that extends oil life and produces a uniformly cooked product. It also creates a deep cool zone which helps to capture food particles and makes for easier cleaning.

Tube fired fryers have cast iron tube heating, creating a large heat transfer to the oil and has a faster recovery than open pot units.

Electric fryers come with 2 element styles, lift out or fixed element. The Lift out make for a simple cleaning procedure ensuring a quick and thorough clean.


The range of sizes include the ever-popular IFS-40-OP 40lb (22 litre) oil capacity fryer, to the IFS-2525 double pan fryer with a capacity of 25lb (14 litre) per pan, ideal for keeping food products separate.

With warehousing in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, Gamble Foodservice Solutions hold stock of 9 models of the Imperial range of fryers. The competitively priced units include next day delivery along with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Built to last, these sturdy units have stainless steel construction to the front, doors, sides, basket hangers, stub back and the fry-pot. They have a double panel door and a full heat shield behind the control panel for a more comfortable working environment. The high rated BTU output assists in fast recovery as well as heating the oil quickly resulting in less absorption and better tasting food. They include a recessed bottom drain with 32mm full port drain valve for quick draining of the unit. The large “cool zone” helps capture food particles thus prolonging oil life and reducing taste transfer.

Aftersales support is a fundamental requirement, our service includes a 2-year parts and labour warranty. Gamble Foodservice Solutions has a dedicated and knowledgeable aftersales department along with stock of a wide range of required spare parts and nationwide coverage of service agents that are fully trained in the equipment and its repair. Our aim is to get a first-time fix when attending a service and warranty call, ensuring the operator has minimum downtime and reduce any potential loss of earnings.

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