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Flexible, labour saving, durable, and ventless cooking.

Over recent months staffing has definitely become an issue within kitchens. Managing social distancing whilst still offering a full and delicious menu has created headaches I’m sure you can do without.

TheOvention range of ovens can help! The range consists of 4 models; all can be used without extraction; all can cook food at the touch of a button; all offer a fully automated loading and unloading system ensuring the food is cooked the way you want it consistently, with minimum input from the operator.

Go from steak, chicken or ribs to fries, garlic bread or vegetables the opportunities are endless. All at the touch of a button, the pre-programmed requirements you set controlling the temperature, cook duration and the independent blower speeds.

Let us take a look at the different models available one by one:

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Stacked Ovention Matchbox 1313

The Matchbox oven is the original unit in the range, available in two sizes the 1313 and the 1718, this oven gives total control - Place the product you want to cook onto the cooking platform, select the item and it loads into the oven. You can then place the next item you want to cook onto the second cooking platform, and once the original is cooked it will unload whilst loading product two into the cavity to begin the cooking cycle of that product. These ovens have the capacity for up to 1000 menu items to be programmed in. The unique flextemp technology allows you to adjust the oven temperature from one cook to the next, go from cooking at 200c to 225c and back again on subsequent cooks cycles.

The Shuttle Oven is also available in two sizes the 12” belt and the 20” belt. This oven gives flexibility in shuttle mode where you can cook multiple products at different settings 1 after the other and then also has the throughput of an impinger in the conveyor mode. Save up to 1000 menu items in shuttle mode and 4 menu items in conveyor mode. Like all the Ovention ovens this unit is certified ventless, even in conveyor mode.

The 360 Matchbox is similar in operation to the Matchbox, however due to its unique turntable loading system it has a smaller footprint. Available in two sizes the 360-12 and the larger 360-14, you can store up to 600 menu items on the touch screen control.

The newest model to the Ovention Range is the Conveyor oven - Available in three sizes the C1400, C2000, and C2600 (14”, 20” and 26” belt depths respectively). This unit can store up to 36 menu items and looks like a traditional conveyor oven however this is where the similarity ends. The patented jet plate system gives up to 33% quicker cook times than competitors products.

The ethos behind the Ovention Range is to cook a wide range of food items quickly without the need for costly extraction and achieving consistent high-quality results time after time.
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