Ideas for the "new normal" Christmas.

A look at the difficulties of the hospitality industry in the New Normal Christmas period.

How do you maximise your sales this Christmas, whilst keeping the new normal of social distancing within your establishment?

One way to assist in outside areas where you’re using a marquee is to set up an external bar. No need to go to the expense of building a new bar area, why not use a portable solution? Such as the Mobile bar system from Gamble Foodservice Solutions.

This unit can be easily folded away for storage at the end of the evening and wheeled back inside for safe stowage. With table service looking like its set for the foreseeable future, this will assist in getting your waiting staff access to the drinks without walking inside and out carrying them through the one way system you have in place.

Available in either a “bottle bar” service or with a speed rail for cocktail or spirit service. Both units can have the addition of stand-alone wash hand basins for extra hygiene protection.

Want to offer food in these areas too? There are hot holding solutions that again can easily be loaded up with packaged products ready wrapped, ready to sell to your waiting customers. Why not offer hot turkey and stuffing rolls, hot dogs, roast pork and apple sauce perhaps? All portioned and easily to hand by your staff without the need to go back inside via sometimes long one-way systems! These are ideal to offer a speedy service and extra revenue. These units can also hold plated meals with the use of a plate cover to stack plates pre-portioned and piping hot.

The FWE HLC units come in a range of sizes, from under counter up to double cavity upright units all simply plug straight into a 13-amp supply. Keeping food hot and fresh for your customers. If you need humidity look at the PHTT units, dial in the relative humidity and cavity temperature. Both units can hold packaged products as well as Gastronorm or plated meals.
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Want to find out how we can help your operation? Contact Gamble Foodservice Solutions to arrange your demonstration.

Want to cook the turkey outside too? No problem, use the Low Temperature cook and hold oven. Fully programmable, these can be used to cook all proteins from turkey and pork joints to salmon fillets , even jacket potatoes or bread rolls and once it has completed the cook it will switch to a holding cabinet keeping it hot and ready to serve. 

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