The Bear Necessities.

Heavy Duty Equipment, for Hard Working Kitchens.

If areas of your kitchen are getting used more than they have in the past due to changes in customer ordering patterns your equipment may be struggling to keep up and even failing.

Looking at heavy duty equipment, the Grizzly Range from Montague takes some beating. Montague have a proud tradition of pride and passion for their equipment, known for superior quality and craftsmanship for over 150 years.

Take the Heavy-Duty Restaurant ranges, available in 4, 6, and 8 burner units, has a drop-down oven door with a limited lifetime parts warranty; the porcelainized oven interior improves insulation; efficiency and cleaning. Then look at the burners, individual 30,000 BTU lift off high efficiency burners with raised nozzles to help prevent blockages from food debris provide power, control and reliability.

The under fired countertop chargrills have a low-profile design and are built for power, speed of service and flexibility. Adjust the temperatures across the unit via the stainless-steel tubular burners each with their own individual controls and heavy-duty stainless-steel radiant deflectors. This unit offers up 19,000 BTU/hr.

If your operation demands a powerful, high volume heavy-duty broiler, Montague delivers with our overfired gas broilers!  This multifunctional piece of equipment is a versatile as they come. The grill can achieve temperatures of more than 600°c using cast iron burners rated at 42,000 BTU’s each. The ideal conditions for cooking steaks to perfection offering much more control and consistency than solid fuel alternatives. As well as the grill you can have a choice of Plancha or griddle top, perfect for more delicate cooking of fish and vegetables, it can also be used for pan work. In either a 914mm or 1143mm width.

Want higher output through the grills? Then the Twin overfired broiler is the solution! A twin cavity unit utilising the same technology as the single unit but with the flexibility of independent controlled cavities. The rise and fall controllable grills ensure you cook to perfection easily and consistently.

To arrange a demonstration of the Montague Broiler at our Training Centre, contact the sales office on 01509 260150 or email

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