Toast, Toast and more Toast!

There is such a wide choice of toasters available on the market today, it can be overwhelming! Which toaster is right for you and your operation? Here we will look at the various options available and give advice on which toaster will be best suited for you.

The first and most basic unit that can be used for toasting is the simple salamander grill. These are available in both gas or electric, are extremely simple to use and of course can be used for grilling as well as toasting. They do however need to be watched! How many times have you burnt a slice of bread when you are called away to attend to another part of the kitchen?

Gamble Foodservice Solutions have a couple of options when it comes to salamanders, there is the Imperial Gas grills, either the Cheesemelter or the Salamander Grill. Both available in 2 sizes (24” or 36”), they can be wall or counter mounted. Another option would be from Hatco, either the TMS or QTS units. Both with instant on elements helping to keep the kitchen to a more comfortable working temperature as they only come on when they are being used. They have timers which once set the unit will only stay on for that amount of time hopefully preventing the dreaded burning of the bread.

With conveyor style toasters Hatco offer 6 models of toasters, all have their own unique benefits – Let us look at the styles and types available

Toast Max TM range. These toasters are available in 2 sizes, with capacities of 3-6 slices per minute. Ideal for front or back of house, these fully stainless-steel units offer control of the speed of the belt only, they can also be used for bun toasting.

The new Toast Max 3 TM3 range of toasters are available in Red, Black or Stainless Steel. An attractive curved front design to fit in with interior design. Again, these units have control of the belt speed only but they do feature the unique to Hatco Colourguard system, ensuring the toast colour uniformity. The push button control make these simple to operate and they can also be used as bun toasters.

Next in the range are the Toast Qwik TQ units.

These give more control than the previous models, you have full control over the top and bottom elements as well as the speed of the belt. With built in power save mode, conserving energy when not in use. These too are perfect for font or back of house use. They are available with extended feed ramps for busy operations. The range has capacities of 6 slices per minute, 14 slices per minute or 30 slices per minute.

They also have the optional control cover to prevent customers or staff adjusting the units and Colourguard is again a standard feature.

The Toast Qwik 3 TQ3 range is the next generation of toasters.

Firstly the stunning design available in red, black, or stainless-steel finish. They have a touch screen control pad where you can program up to 12 menu items, with simple images to differentiate the products you want to toast go from bagels to muffins to sourdough all at the touch of an icon.

Three sizes in the range ensure you get the capacity you require.

If toasting is a big part of your menu, the Intelligent Toast Qwik ITQ is the unit to opt for. These again are fully programmable but for up to 18 bread types, these units also offer the flexibility of 4 modes.

The continuous throughput, this will work as a traditional conveyor would.

Single item mode with the Spot On® Technology the toaster senses when you place a product on the belt, toasts and then reverts to “ready” for the next product.

In and reverse mode, ideal for melting cheese. Using the optional paddle, the ITQ pulls the product into the cavity then slips into reverse to deliver your product ready to serve.

In pause and through mode, this mode rapidly pulls the product into the toaster cavity then pauses while it toasts for the pre-set time and then continues to run the toast through the unit delivering the product on the tray beneath the unit.

Finally, we have the Toast King TK upright conveyor toasters. These are designed to be used back of house, where large quantities of toast is required with a limited footprint. They also offer a great bun toasting solution for busy burger restaurants. With capacities ranging from 12 to 22 slices a minute.

The team at Gamble Foodservice Solutions are hot on their toast and with a few simple questions will be able to point you in the right direction of which toaster to choose.