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Gamble Foodservice Solutions Ltd has seen many guises since it was set up in 1947, but whatever the name, the company has remained committed to supplying the best in catering equipment. 

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Tecnoeka (eka) is an innovation led company inside and out. Established in 1979, eka’s advanced manufacturing underpins the exceptional low cost but high quality of its products and it boasts a wide range of cooking and baking ovens with heat and humidity control. Ultra-slimline combi-ovens with their high quality touch screen and wireless programming set new standards in ease of use.  


Established in 1953, this competitively priced food warming equipment brand has built a solid reputation in heavy duty cook, hold and mobile heated catering equipment. From small to large venues, FWE specialise in a range of products with robust construction, resulting in units with fewer break downs and lower maintenance. Precise temperature and moisture controlled holding cabinets can improve protein yield and taste, proving a popular choice in many kitchens. With low-temperature cooking becoming the most profitable and tasty way to produce carvery and banquet menus, the overnight cook and hold ovens (with optional smokers) are ever increasing in popularity. 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty.


Hatco is the specialist brand for heated and cold displays, drawers, shelves, soup wells and lamps for front and back of house. Hatco products are known for manufacturing to the toughest standards; proven time and again in industry use since 1950. Quality and service are a high priority for this employee owned business, and so are their innovative and practical range of products. 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty.

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This classic heavy duty brand is well known for its ranges, fryers, griddles, salamanders and chargrills. Imperial provide incredibly robust, easy to clean and maintain equipment; often the backbone of any hard working kitchen. The restaurant range features an almost completely customisable work top, with a range of options to ensure chef has exactly what is needed to cover any style of cooking. 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty.

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The iconic Montague brand is widely recognised as top tier in heavy duty ranges, broilers, grills and salamanders. Product lines are designed to be both stackable and available to suite together. The Montague brand is present in the largest and busiest of kitchens because of its unrivalled reliability in the toughest of kitchen environments. 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty.

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An innovative new comer to the UK market after success in the USA, Ovention is filling a large and growing gap in the market. It uses ultra-fast precision impingement cooking to maximise the flavour and integrity of food. Ovention can bake, grill, ‘fry’ and roast, cooking a wider range of food than traditional impingement ovens. It does not need a canopy, so is ideal for those facilities where extraction or space is an issue. Relatively small and robust, they fit neatly onto a work top and can be used by front of house staff to turn out up to 200 meals a day. Its touch-screen and ease of use make it the perfect oven for those times or spaces where a chef is unavailable. An extension to full kitchen service, Ovention adds capacity and increases core serving hours in cafes, bars, hotels, universities and club houses. All products come with a 1 year onsite parts and labour warranty.

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